The Gift


Ephesians 2:8-9 is perhaps the clearest description of what it means to be a Christian in the whole Bible. Whether one is saved or unsaved is determined by the application of this single verse. Historically, most of the trouble and dispute in the church over how one is saved has arisen at this point. It is because so many have never been clear on this foundation, that they are still confused about so many things. Confusion often arises when people take clear, great statements such as this and make them matters of controversy; and this verse has been used to stir up much confusion.
First, this verse tells us that we are Christians entirely and solely as a result of the grace of God. He is not obliged to save anyone; He is fully within His right to apply His law and have its penalty fully inflicted upon us as children of wrath. There is no indication whatsoever that salvation is God’s response to anything in us; we have no right to it nor can we merit it; we have no plea with God, His justice or His holy law. But God in His own wondrous and sovereign mercy, love and kindness has granted us the gift of salvation. Spiritually dead creatures have been made alive – how has it happened? God has done it! Salvation is of the Lord! That is what grace means. And so, we are in the words of the great hymn, “debtors to mercy alone.”

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Duration 58:01
Date Nov 8, 2009
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Ephesians 2:8-9
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