Sixteenth Century


16th Century
(Romans 1.16-17)

Luther came to understand this as God-provided righteousness.

I. Justification by faith (Rom 1.17)

A. The Old Testament quotation (Habakkuk 2.4) The proud man is 'not upright' in God's sight but the humble believer is.

B. The New Testament doctrine: (1) The relationship between man and God is fundamental. (2) Saving relationship arises only from faith for Romans 3.23. (3) Justification by faith. (Romans 3.20-28).

C. Luther's stand for justification by faith: 31st Oct, 1517, 95Theses.

II. The power of God unto salvation

A. Three characteristics of the Gospel message (1) Power. (2) Faith (Ephesians 2.8-10) (3) Expansion: Paul's vision was worldwide.

B. These characteristics evident in the Reformation (1 Corinthians 1.21-31). 'Here I stand. I can do no other. So help me God. Amen.’

III. On not being ashamed of the Gospel

Several notable reformers followed the Apostle Paul in this uncompromising Biblical testimony after being influenced by Luther.

A. John Calvin (Geneva). The Institutes of the Christian Religion

B. John Knox (Scotland) implemented Calvin's principles.

C. The English Anglicans. Thomas Cranmer and others.

Conclusion: Are we too busy with other things? Has the clutter of life got the better of us? Do we not have such zeal for Christ?

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Date Nov 5, 2017
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Bible Text Romans 1:16-17
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