Lord's Day #7 Salvation is only for those Who Have True Faith


Our hope in recording these is that they might provide some instruction for those who are learning the catechism and or wanting to understand it better.

In this Lord's Day (#7) the application of Christ's redemptive work comes to the for. He was true God and and true Man, and He did suffer and die for the sins of others. The question before us is who benefits from His Work.

  1. Are all men, then, saved by Christ as they have perished in Adam?

No, only those who by true faith are engrafted into Him and receive all His benefits.1

[1] Jn. 1:12–13; 1 Cor. 15:22; Ps. 2:12; Rom. 11:20; Heb. 4:2–3; 10:39.

  1. What is true faith?

True faith is not only a sure knowledge whereby I hold for truth all that God has revealed to us in His Word,1 but also a hearty trust,2 which the Holy Spirit3 works in me by the Gospel,4 that not only to others, but to me also, forgiveness of sins, everlasting righteousness, and salvation are freely given by God,5 merely of grace, only for the sake of Christ’s merits.6

[1] Jas. 1:6. [2] Rom. 4:16–18; 5:1. [3] 2 Cor. 4:13; Phil. 1:19, 29. [4] Rom. 1:16; 10:17. [5] Heb. 11:1–2; Rom. 1:17. [6] Eph. 2:7–9; Rom. 3:24–25; Gal. 2:16; *Acts 10:43.

  1. What, then, is necessary for a Christian to believe?

All that is promised us in the Gospel,1 which the articles of our catholic, undoubted Christian faith teach us in summary.

[1] Jn. 20:31; Matt. 28:20. *2 Pet. 1:21; *2 Tim. 3:15.

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