Israel: Past, Present, and Future #10

But the confusion of which I spoke occurs (I believe) when Christians declare that the blessings promised to national Israel (in the Old and New Testaments) are all realized by the New Testament Church. Remember Israel was both a church and a nation. The Old Testament Church was typical of the New Testament Church, but the Old Testament nation of Israel (as a civil government separate from the church) was not typical of and realized in the New Testament Church.
God has made certain promises to Israel as a nation that will yet be
realized in Israel as a Christian nation: namely, a national conversion to Christ (Romans 11:26) and a national restoration of her land (Genesis 15:18-21; Genesis 17:7-8). Thus, I submit, that the Old Testament Church of Israel is indeed superseded by and realized in the New Testament Church of many nations, and yet the Old Testament Nation of Israel will still see the promises made to her fulfilled in the future (which I have sought to demonstrate from recent sermons).
Sadly, it seems that any mention of the promise of the LAND to Israel as a NATION in the future is (by many) intrinsically tied to the restoration of the ceremonies of the Old Covenant (a rebuilt temple, priesthood, sacrifices, and ceremonies). But the restoration of the land to Israel as a nation does not require the return of Israel to the Old Testament Church and ceremonies. For the death of Jesus Christ brought to an end the temple, priesthood, sacrifices, and ceremonies of the Old Testament Church (Colossians 2:14), but His death did not bring to an end His promises to Israel as a nation (in her national conversion or restoration of the land).

Jan 14, 2024
Sunday Service
Jeremiah 23:5-8
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