[01/15/2023 AM] - "Be the Least" - Mark 9:33-37

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As we gather on the Lord's day the morning sermon will continue in Mark 9.33-37. It is stunning that as Jesus was explaining to His disciples that He would die in Jerusalem these men were arguing about which of them would be the greatest. How horrid is the pride we humans show. What a blessing is the Lord's reply. He is just as kind to us. Pray for an open heart to hear this Word Sunday morning.

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:33-37
Text: Mark 9.33-37
Message: "Be the Least"

Theme: Accepting God's gospel is shown by humble service
to other weak ones

  1. This last visit to ministry HQ is for ministry prep

  2. Jesus teaches a lesson contrary to their eastern culture

  3. The little child is a living parable of God's gospel

Jan 15, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 9:33-37
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