The Bondage of Comparison & Idolatry

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EEveryone, in one way or another, struggles with comparing themselves to others. This is a significant issue that we, as Christians, must address personally.

Comparison comes in varying degrees and levels depending on the season of life an individual currently finds themselves in. The comparison issue is nothing new and is seen throughout Scripture; however, in our culture with social media, it is more prevalent, demanding, and condemning in a more significant way than ever before.

Comparing your house.
Your family, your spouse, your job, your income, your location, your ability to homeschool your kids, or not homeschooling your kids.

Pastors are not immune to comparison as attendance, baptism numbers, the size of your church, and staff are items many feel they are failures at because of comparison.

An essential item must be understood regarding comparison. Comparison is at the root of a form of idolatry.

Idolatry is the worship of an image or item other than the Creator God. Idolatry in an individual's life points the individual to self-worship or worship of something different than Yahweh.

The Bible connects comparison with idolatry in passages such as Gal.5:19-20, James 3:16, and Col. 3:5. The modern form of idolatry and image worship begins through the means of comparison, which has brainwashed us into thinking success is the number one goal in life, and if I do not have the item or measure of success like that of someone else we strive after that individual which takes our focus off of Christians primary purpose of living a life glorifying our Creator.

Join Dr. Jago as he unpacks this section in Acts 19 as idolatry is confronted in Ephesus.

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Duration 59:01
Date Nov 5, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Acts 19:21-41
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