The Origin Of Hate For Israel

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Every generation of humanity has endured somewhere in the world ruthless, barbaric genocide and bloodshed. The depth of Satan's hateful, cruel evil is seen more clearly looking at the heinous massacre and kidnapping Israelis committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023.
Civil people do not want war. They want to live in peace. But evil does not want peace on earth. So, what does it take to stop unrepentant evil? The answer is found in Revelation 20:7–10.
Do you know why Pakistan's ambassador Munir Akram says Israel illegally occupies Palestine? So you know why the UN will not condemn the massacre on October 7, 2023?
Do you know why it is neccessary for Israel to obliterate Hamas? The answer is found in Ecclesiastes 8:11.
The spirit of Nazi Germany is alive and well today. It is the future for the world until Jesus returns at Armageddon.

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00:00 Intentional Evil
10:56 Benign Versus Evil
17:46 Evil Never Stops Being Evil
21:02 Evil Always Seeks To Hurt
23:13 The Origin Of Hate For Jews
29:48 Recent History Since 1948
33:24 The Need To Respond
35:09 Civility

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Duration 36:50
Date Nov 5, 2023
Category Teaching
Bible Text 1 Chronicles 12:32; Ecclesiastes 8:11
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