The Cure for Loneliness

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The cure for loneliness is Christ and His church.

  1. Jeremiah "took up his cross" of loneliness to embody God's withdrawal from that generation. (v.1-12)
  2. God would judge sin with captivity, and yet He promised rescue from exile in a new and better 'exodus.' (v.13-18)
  3. God revealed a) His power vs. false gods, and b) His name to those coming home. (v.19-21)
    Applying: How can we hear both judgment and hope?
    What was the cross that Jeremiah must bear? Mt. 16:24
    Exodus repeats. Dt. 28:36, Mk. 1:2-3 Lk 9:31 Eph. 4:8
    When will everyone gather again? Revelation 19:9
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Duration 35:14
Date Jan 16, 2022
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Jeremiah 16
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