#B07 - Manna, the Camp, & Moving -- A Let's Pretend Visit


In this audio we pretend that we go up onto a hill above the camp of the children of Israel in the wilderness. There we observe some activity and then wonder about the camp and how it's set up. What are they picking up off the ground so early in the morning? Is there a certain order to the camp? How do they know when to move camp? Is there any order to when they move? As we pretend, a very agreeable Jewish man sees us and comes up and talks to us and answers our questions. I make it very clear that we are only pretending, and I only use Biblical facts in the man's answers. This is a fun way to learn about the camp in the wilderness. It's aimed at children 5-12 years old, but adults may well enjoy it as well (and ever possible learn from it!). Of course, the Gospel is included.

Nov 6, 2018
Numbers 4:5-33; Numbers 10:12-28
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