The Sovereignty of God over Nature


"Al Martin is one of the ablest and moving preachers I have ever heard. I have not heard his equal." Professor John Murray

"His preaching is powerful, impassioned, exegetically solid, balanced, clear in structure, penetrating in application." Edward Donnelly

"Al Martin's preaching is very clear, forthright and articulate. He has a fine mind and a masterful grasp of Reformed theology in its Puritan-pietistic mode." J.I. Packer

"Consistency and simplicity in his personal life are among his characteristics--he is in daily life what he is is in the pulpit." Iain Murray

"He aims to bring the whole Word of God to the whole man for the totality of life." Joel Beeke

Sermon ID 116172013358
Duration 51:21
Date Nov 6, 2000
Category Conference
Bible Text Mark 4:35-41
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