Demonology Part 9

INTRO: Let me just briefly review what we have covered thus far. In the first message we introduced this subject and said that we are in a war. The war is between God and Satan and involves the good angels and demons. The battlefield is the mind of man. This battle is going on in every human being. Both God and Satan want the mind, which the Bible calls the heart.

Then we looked at three views of what demons are and concluded that they are fallen angels. Then we looked at the meaning of the terms, Satan, Devil and demon. The word Satan means an adversary, or opponent. The fallen angel Lucifer, is God's adversary or opponent, and thus the adversary and opponent of all godly people. The meaning of devil is 'to throw over', or 'divide', or 'set at variance, accuse, bring charges, slander' etc… The word 'demon' basically means 'to distribute fortunes'. I think it may be that Satan promised the angels in heaven to distribute his fortunes with them when he had exalted himself to godhood.

Nov 3, 2013
Sunday Service
Matthew 7:21-23; Matthew 12:22-30
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