Ever Shining

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Ever Shining

Blessings and grace to you. We want to encourage and help you walk through Acts.

Welcome to our Briggs Chapel Sunday Evening Preaching and Teaching Time with Pastor Nick Holden (01.08.2023).

Great questions were asked and discussed. We examined why our society has no restrictions on spiritual matters in times of tragedy. Yet when things are normal, routine, and "all going good" they do not need God, prayer, and seeking His help.

Come join us as we cover a few significant things in the first portion of Acts as we explore a few thoughts from Acts 7, Acts 3, Acts 8, Deuteronomy 18; 1 Corinthians 16:22, and Exodus 3.

We'll look at the response of the natural man to a crisis.

We'll look at the believer's way of life.

What name has God given men to be saved by?

What's our responsibility to what Jesus has said, revealed, and taught?

An Urgent Word

One for all…

This is a simple but straightforward word from Acts 3 and Acts 7. On three different occasions, by three different people, God draws attention to the following thoughts. And it was three times in the Newer Testament that we hear God saying about His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, "Hear Him..."; "Hear Him..."; "Hear Him..." We can't miss this and we can't fail to ensure everyone has an opportunity to hear and humbly respond to Jesus on "ALL THINGS, WHATEVER HE SAYS..." (Acts 3:22-23)

A few questions we'll consider:

What's the big deal about Christ's death, and why did He need to suffer [for us], if ALL God wants is for people to BE completely happy with themselves and WHATEVER makes them happy IN this world?

What then is the urgency of the message? Hearing, heeding, and…

Jan 15, 2024
Sunday Service
1 Corinthians 16:22; Acts 4-8
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