The spirit of Protestantism 2: James Packer's Damned Soul Splits Hell Wide Open, Pt 1

Gavin says, "'The spirit of Protestantism 2 ...' is divided into 3 sermons, Parts 1, 2 & 3. This ... is Part 1, ... the need to safeguard & protect our religiously conservative Protestant Christian heritage from religious apostasy e.g., the religious apostasy of religious liberals who are in no true sense of the words, Protestant Christians. The ... sermons ... are preached against the backdrop of Neo-Evangelical James Packer's death earlier this year in July 2020 ... . And … we shall … consider how the 1662 Book of Common Prayer & 39 Articles are traditionally maintained by Low Church Evangelical Anglicans in harmony with the Holy Bible & Anglican hagiology as found in the 2 matching halves of the 1561 & 1662 Calendars & Foxe's Book of Martyrs … . Now … there are 2 types of Scriptures on the issue of religious separation going in the opposite directions, & the way that these … are put together in … Anglican tradition is different to … independent local church government traditions such as Congregationalists & independent Baptists." Thus "in Acts 3:1, the Apostle 'John went … into the temple at the hour of prayer' in an apostate Jewish Church's temple; but … the same Apostle John says in II John 9-11, to 'receive … not into your house,' one that 'abideth not in the doctrine of Christ,' & 'he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.' … For the purposes of remaining inside a more widely apostate church, how are these two types of Scriptures reconciled in the type of Anglican tradition I follow? The answer generally relates to when one is pushed out by the apostates one has witnessed against & maintained some level of internal religious separation from."

Nov 5, 2020
2 John 11; Acts 3:1
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