Life-Changing Faith

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Life-Changing Faith. Luke 5:1-11;Acts 8:26-40Owning A Faith That Matters. Faith begins with the call to follow Jesus.At the beginning of the story, we see Jesus, the Word of God in flesh, teaching a crowd of people, and Peter doing what fisherman do . Then Jesus asks Peter for a favor . At first glance it was just a little thing: "Can I borrow your boat?" Often Jesus calls us into adventure slowly . He invites us to take one step, then another, and then another . It's important, as we chart our lives, that we make sure that the right Person is in the boat! Jesus calls us out of our ordinary, day-to-day life into an adventure .I need to take the first step into an adventure that will mean something 10,000 years from today. The greatest problem in the world is lostness. So, we have to ask ourselves, "What boat is Jesus wanting from us?"Jesus calls us to a life of danger, adventure, and no regrets . But it's a decision we all must make for ourselves . Lots of people cheer or choose safety over adventure . It all depends on what story we want to tell at the end of our lives . For some of us, we will tell stories of never risking, holding tight to what we had, and taking the shortcuts . While others will tell stories of last-minute rescues, sudden epiphanies, and glorious outcomes . Let's choose the latter .We might find ourselves so swamped with the miraculous that we will have to work overtime to mend our nets . But what stories we will have to tell as we prepare for the coming day!

Jan 14, 2024
Sunday School
Acts 8:26-40; Luke 5:1-11
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