Prepare Ye The Way - Pt 3 Inter-Testament Series

Why do the wicked prosper and the good suffer? When will God make things right? This was the question of people in Malachi's day. Experiencing very difficult days, watching their culture going downhill - God offered them answers.
In this video, Dr. Congdon shows that Malachi's God-inspired answers to these questions are very appropriate for our days. Significantly, we can see a parallel between the failure of Israel and the modern church of today. Two paths are offered to religious people. One leads to failure and the other to reward.
Highlighted are the blessings Israel had from God, the failures of Israel toward God, and the result of their failure to prepare for Christ's coming to the earth.
Malachi's warning to Israel was very appropriate for true believers living in those days and even more so, for we who are living in these last times.

Nov 3, 2023
Malachi 3-4
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