The Shield of Faith


Trust. Simple...right? Not really.

And yet that is precisely what we are called to in our life of faith. We've come now in our study to the first piece of spiritual armor that Paul tells us we must 'Take up.' That is, our 'shield of faith' in God (Eph. 6:16). The 'faith' spoken of here is not referring to the initial faith required for salvation. The word points us to the ongoing trust that we must maintain if we are to endure attack in this spiritual battle.

Martin Luther prayed a simple, yet tender-hearted prayer of dependence upon God: 'Dear Lord, although I am sure of my position, I am unable to sustain it without you. Help me or I am lost.' This is a great prayer.

Simple trust--utter reliance--we take up daily as the 'fiery darts' of the Evil one continue to hail down upon us. Trust in God, but press on--don't give up--don't give in! I like the way this Danish proverb puts is: 'Pray in the storm but keep rowing!' That's it.

Nov 2, 2006
Ephesians 6:16
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