Dispensational Salvation


We who are saved in the Church Age, under the preaching of the apostle Paul, don't have signs, miracles and wonders but we do have something that the previous dispensation never offered, eternal security. Paul teaches that believers who are saved under his gospel, given to him by the Lord, are sealed unto the day of redemption and thus, eternally secure. But this is not the case elsewhere as we soon shall see. On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we open up a can of worms as we wade knee-deep in old-fashioned Bible doctrine to learn about how people got saved in periods of time we have not lived in, nor will live in in the future. When we 'cut to the chase', we acknowledge that no one, and I repeat no one, goes to Heaven except through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. If you're saved, you've been 'saved by the blood'. But what about every one who died in the Old Testament? What about the Tribulation saints, why must they endure to the end when we don't have to? And why on Earth is an angel preaching the 'everlasting gospel' from the sky? Whatever that is, it's certainly not Paul's gospel where he clearly says that an angel who did that would be accursed! Hmm. If you're honest, you will admit there's 'something funky going on' when it comes to the administration of salvation. Tonight we break it all down for you through that indispensable tool known as rightly dividing.

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Duration 2:02:22
Date Nov 29, 2023
Category Bible Study
Bible Text Matthew 19:25
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