Psalm 13 - The Cry of the Confused

38 ( 15 | 23 )

The Cry of the Confused
Weary, but still explosive, individual lament—13:1-2
Demonstration of the instinct of faith—13:3-4
Deliberate trust—13:5-6
Things we need to remember:
a) We have troubles with God's timing—we appear to go on in our
troubles far longer than we think the mercy of God should allow.
(paraphrase of D. R. Davis)
b) Expressing a complaint is not the same as a lack of trust.
c) David's circumstances haven't changed, but the Lord has changed him, and that occurred when David stopped looking at his feelings and his foes and by faith started looking to the Lord. (Warren Wiersbe)
d) Listen carefully to the words of Presbyterian pastor, James
Montgomery Boice (1938-2000): If you are suffering from a sense of
feeling abandoned by God, which is what this psalm is about, I cannot
tell you when the emotional oppression will lift. But it will lift. The
curtain of your despair will rise, and behind the veil you will see the
blessed Lord Jesus Christ, who has been with you and has loved you all
the time.

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Date Nov 26, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 13
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