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"No book ever inflicted a wound so deep and incurable on the Romish system of superstition and bloody persecution... (it) was placed in... all churches and chapels throughout the kingdom, by order of Queen Elizabeth." (Smith, Select Memoirs, p. 245).

Covering martyrs from the early church through to Foxe's day, it was one of the most influential books of the sixteenth century!

The testimony of the martyrs was extraordinary. Their impact was greatly increased through the industrious writing of John Foxe... Never before had such a work on such a scale appeared in English, certainly never at such a moment... Along with the Bible, Foxe's Book of Martyrs became a family book in many homes. Foxe's Acts and Monuments (the formal title of his extensive chronicle on the martyrs) was the principal practical means of turning England to Protestantism (Who are the Puritans?, pp. 35-36).

Broadening the scope of this testimony, the British Academy also notes,

The Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs was second only to the English Bible as a formative influence on the language and culture of this country.

Most importantly, though, this book overflows with faith building testimony of the power of God to overcome the most cruel and barbarous acts of human depravity and demonic cruelty.

The full 8 volume edition of Foxes Book of Martyrs is also at http://ow.ly/iTYKu

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Date Jan 13, 2001
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Bible Text Revelation 12:11; Revelation 17
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