The Purpose of God Ordained Biblical Authority

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Here is what you need to understand about God's Authority over your life.
There is one person in charge of your life and you ain't it.
God certainly gives you a choice in the matter when it comes to Obedience to His Sovereign Authority.
You can A. freely choose to submit yourself to God and He will lead you in the direction that He has predestined for you to go.
Or, You can B. freely choose to rebel against God and He will drag you kicking and screaming in the direction that He has Predestined for you to go.
(And yes there is the issue of God Regenerating your dead heart. However, God calls all men to repentance, all men to obedience, so just because He hasn't regenerated your heart, that does not mean that you don't owe God your obedience).

Nov 26, 2017
Sunday Service
Proverbs 25:1-7; Romans 13:1-7
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