Thankful For God's Promises

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The captivity of Israel and Judah was God's judgment on them for straying away from Him. Sin always leads to bondage and enslavement.
But God promises a better future for those in captivity. Likewise, we are in a captive state under the kingdom of Satan, who is called the god of this world. Humanity is in captivity in Satan's domain. But God promises deliverance to all those who believe in His promise. Despite the hardships we endure today of diseases, wars, and crimes, we have a hope for a blissful, eternal future. For this hope, made possible because of Jesus Christ and God's love for us, we can and should be thankful.
The Pilgrims were thankful for the hope of a better future. They thanked God often, even under the harshest conditions. Compared to the Pilgrim's first two years on the shores of America, it is much easier for us to thank God today.
Listen the readings of excerpts from the writings of Governor Bradford.
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0:00 Thankful For Hope In A Promise
04:58 The Thankfulness Of The Pilgrims
05:50 The Difficulties Of The Pilgrims- According to Bradford
13:38 The Pilgrims Hoped For Our Blessings
14:40 Are You Thankful?

Nov 27, 2022
Jeremiah 29:11
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