Weapons That Win Battles

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Weapons that Win Battles 1 Timothy 6:12 There's a battle to balance your life and keep it healthy to keep the stress down and the serenity up.In the Bible there's a lot to say about personal battles you go through. In fact the second most used analogy in Scripture for the Christian life is that of a soldier. We're fighting against spiritual forces… and the powers of darkness in the unseen spiritual world." He's saying there's a world that we don't see in the universe. And there are powers there. They are fighting against us. And if we're not fighting back we're just giving in. Did you know that the conflict you have in your family, with your spouse, with your kids, with your friends, with people at work, did you know that that conflict starts not with them? It starts with you choosing the right weapons to fight against yourself and the enemies that Satan , the world and the flesh use against you. Because if you had a humble spirit inside of you even their peculiarity even their poor decisions, even their sins, even their mistakes wouldn't bother you so much if you were humbler. When I focus on me it causes conflict. But when I'm humble then I'm focusing on other people. Timothy began as an apprentice to the Apostle Paul. Paul led him to faith in Christ, afterward Timothy worked with Paul, traveled with him, and learned from him. Timothy began as an trainee and ended his life as a great leader in the kingdom of God.You can take the same journey. That means living a life of love and mercy and transformation. It means wanting for others for what God wants for them. It means dedicating yourself to becoming a person of character and training yourself to be Godly.

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Duration 40:00
Date Nov 26, 2023
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 1 Timothy 6:12
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