Grudges — Good Fruit or Bad Fruit?

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Grudges — Good Fruit or Bad Fruit?

Staying in His Love and Remaining Full of His Joy…

A little something to ponder…

That's why He gave us love... which suffers long, is not boastful, rejoices in truth and holds no grudges so that anger and bitterness doesn't take root. When bitterness takes root we know we're allowing our pride to slip in and we have pity for ourselves. Pride demands to be treated better, because it feels it deserves to be pitied. That's how Satan attempted to distract Jesus through Peter.

But it doesn't have to be that way. He's given us all we need to know how to TREAT people His way, DEAL with problems His way and HANDLE pride in our own lives His way. Our duty? Stay connected to Jesus... that His fruit may flow through us and by faith and through His love we fulfill His assignment over our lives. Fear cripples us, but His great love will always compel us to lay our fears at His feet and a courageous faith will propel to us follow hard after our Protector and Prize.

How important is Jesus teaching? How important is love to Jesus? He said we are to love one another in John 13 as the basis for this new commandment.

Jesus explains the the importance of loving one another as Jesus loved us, citing John 13:34 and 15:12-16 and the new commandment to love as He loved. He choose us and appointed us to go and be fruitful John 15:16.

We can't be hurt or any more wounded than Jesus — therefore, what right do we have to hold a grudge, guard ourselves against, and grossly discredit the very ones Jesus bled for? He didn't and He won't do it within the believers. But I know who will— him who is mindful of the things of men and not the things of Jesus. Remai

Nov 25, 2023
Sunday - PM
John 15; John 19
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