#6 Winchester 92 and Matching Colt SSA in 32-20 WCF

#6 Dr. Jim is shooting a Winchester 1892 24" barrel in 32-20 winchester 32 WCF and the pistol combination is a Colt SSA Cal. 32 WCF with a 7 1/2" barrel. In the old days the cowboys liked to have their rifles and pistols to shoot the same ammunition so that they only had to carry one kind of Ammo for the rifle and pistol. Here is an example of the old cowboy tradition. Dr. Jim Phillips started this new series of videos by request. Dr. Jim will show different kinds of Pistols & Rifles and how to handle them safely. He will talk about the different calibers and uses of these guns. Dr. Jim is an amateur gunsmith and he reloads many rare calibers of antique & some modern firearms as a hobby. If anyone would like to make a donation , all donations no matter how small will be appreciated. Thank you. Our Address in Fish Lake Valley is POB 121 Dyer, Nevada 89010.Thank You IRS EIN # 82-5114777 Luke 22:36

Dec 31, 2023
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Luke 22:36
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