Billy Graham's Apostasy


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In this program we expose the well documented apostasy going back several decades of this famous “evangelist,” beloved the world over - by the world that is; by false religionists and non-discerning pseudo-Christians who appreciate Graham’s false gospel and broad acceptance of Catholics, Mormons, and even Muslims, Hindus, and Bhuddists as “members of the body of Christ,” as Graham publicly proclaimed on Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power Broadcast in 1997, a statement and position which Graham has never recanted or repented of.

Billy Graham has been back in the news recently, having celebrated his 95th birthday on November 7 with the release of a video titled “My Hope America,” and what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is calling Billy Graham's final sermon. While this may be Mr. Graham's final sermon, it will NOT be his final legacy, because while he does present a partial gospel message in the video, what is missing in his message, as was missing in all his sermons over the past several decades, was anything doctrinally divisive that would in any way hinder his long standing Masonic/Vatican agenda of unifying world religions in one melting pot of a global religion. Though he does quote John 14:6 in the video, his view is that the cross provides universal atonement - that all world religions come to the Father through the Son whether or not they know it or believe it.

In this day of apostasy true Christians must be vigilantly on guard against false prophets like Billy Graham and many others who have followed in his steps on that broad road that leads to destruction.

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Duration 29:37
Date Nov 23, 2013
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text Matthew 7:13-23; Romans 16:17-18
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