Thanks for the King's Sword & the King's Reward


This passage explores Jesus' profound words about bringing a sword, not of violence but truth, dividing humanity into those who accept the fallen state of man and those who don't. The sermon delves into the symbolism of the sword, representing the challenges and conflicts believers may face in their journey of faith. It emphasizes the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity, embracing the truth of Christ, and being willing to prioritize divine values over worldly ties, even within one's own family. Furthermore, the sermon draws attention to the promise of a King's Reward, highlighting the ultimate fulfillment and blessings that await those who remain steadfast in their commitment to Christ. Through reflections on Matthew 10:34-42, the sermon encourages gratitude for both the challenges and rewards that come with aligning with the King's purpose.

Sermon ID 112323214314432
Duration 36:04
Date Nov 26, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 10:34-42
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