Understanding the KEYS of the Kingdom of Heaven!

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🗡️ Sermon delivered at Pilgrim Baptist Church on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 6:15 pm. 🗡️

In Matthew 16 Jesus has the church in a future view. Jesus said, I WILL build my church.

When Christ reveals His church in Matthew 16 it is not yet in existence.

This sermon also correctly identifies the rock as Jesus Christ, NOT Peter. This sermon exposes the false teaching of those who claim that Peter is the rock, by showing serveral biblical cross-references that the rock is clearly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally, this sermon sheds light unto what the keys of the kingdom of heaven are. It also gives an understanding of the keys by looking at the life of Peter.

An important doctrinal message that can clear up any misunderstandings regarding the kingdom of heaven.

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Recorded Nov 18, 2022
Published Nov 23, 2022
Bible Text Matthew 16:18-19
Event Midweek Service
Sermon ID 112322163412459
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