Hebrews Part 17

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INTRO: We are beginning to look at the longest section in Hebrews that deals with Jesus Christ being superior to the Jewish High Priest. We looked at the OT passage where Moses was instructed to build the tabernacle. On a recent Wednesday prayer meeting, we saw the difference between the tabernacle and the temple. The tabernacle was the movable building Israel took with them through the wilderness. When Israel was settled in Canaan, Solomon built the temple and it had the same to rooms the tabernacle had and the utensils, but there were numerous additional buildings around the temple.

Now let me tell you something else about this tabernacle. When the tribulation time has passed, and then when the millennium has passed, and the new heavens and new earth come into place, there will be no temple or tabernacle in that New Jerusalem where God will dwell with man. Why not? There will be no more sin and no more need for it. Read the last chapters of Revelation and you will find it as I have said.

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Duration 53:14
Date Nov 13, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 3:1
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