The Look Like Their Savior

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The Look Like Their Savior

Everybody loves a good illustration... UNTIL they become the illustration.

Living illustrations... orchestrated and ordered by God, can often be unprecedented, unpredictable and unprotected from the scrutiny of men.

Summary bullet points from the transcription of the message.

• Jesus' identity and purpose.
◦ Pastor Nick emphasizes the importance of praising God in both good and bad times, citing John 19:18 and Isaiah 53 as sources of encouragement.
◦ Holden explains how Jesus' sacrifice and peace are not temporary, but everlasting, and can be found through trusting Him, as seen in John 20 and 21.
◦ John emphasizes Jesus' identity as the Son of God and Messiah, citing His miracles and claims to be the Anointed One.
• Jesus' purpose and Pilate's recognition of his divinity.
◦ Pastor Nick emphasizes the importance of purpose in life, citing John's purpose in writing his gospel as an example.
◦ John's gospel highlights Jesus' life and death, with Pastor Nick noting that Jesus' qualifications for death came from the life he lived (Chapter 19).
◦ Pilate questions Jesus' identity, finds no fault, and releases Barabbas to the crowd.
• Jesus' trial and crucifixion.
◦ Barabbas was a known robber and possibly a murderer, with a history of rebellion against the governing authorities.
◦ Jesus was preferred over Barabbas by the crowd, despite his criminal past, because he came to die and bear witness to the truth of our salvation through his sacrifice.
◦ Pastor Nick describes the mistreatment of Jesus by the Roman soldiers, including the placement of a crown of thorns on his head and a purple robe.
◦ The chief priests and officers cry out

Nov 22, 2023
Sunday Service
John 19; Revelation 13:7-9
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