Jesus, The Model of Servant Leadership

This morning I want to expand on my last sermon from Matthew 12:15-21 of Jesus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1-4 as the chosen servant of God. We saw in that sermon that Jesus was a servant who was merciful, meek, chosen, quite, sympathetic and unlimited. Since a Christian by definition is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, each of us who profess faith in Him should also be servants of similar nature. (See: Jesus, The Servant of God) However, the reality is much more extreme than just this idea of Jesus being a servant. Though Jesus is the second person of the eternal Godhead, Jesus took on the form of a slave to God the Father. It is this combination of being both deity and a slave that enables Jesus to be the supreme model of both leadership and service. He is a servant leader. This is the specific topic I want to expand upon so that we have a clear understanding of Jesus and what we are to be as His followers.

Nov 17, 2013
Sunday Service
John 14:10; Philippians 2:7
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