When Ye Pray


How do you pray? Do you believe there is power in prayer? Do you believe there is power in prayer when you pray? Today, we will look at two passages which deal with prayer.
Matthew 6:5-9 Pray not as the hypocrites. Pray not to be seen of men. Enter into your closet. Pay attention to vain repetitions. It appears from verse 8, they believed their long prayers were able to coerce God. Remember, He knows our need before we ask. Mark 11:24 This passage comes because of Peter's amazement of a dried up fig tree. vs 11-14, Christ pronounces a curse upon the tree. vs 20-26 Christ teaches they should not be surprised when his words are effective. Have faith in God. He teaches them their words will be effective also when they pray, having faith in God. vs 23 &24 are very plain. Keep in mind James 4:3 However, Christ is encouraging them to believe they have power in prayer. Do you believe God will do what you ask? Do you expect God to move when you pray? Remember, the prayer of Christ was specific. Remember, the need to forgive, vs 25 & 26. Conclusion pertains to why I preached this message.

Sermon ID 11214138536
Duration 45:52
Date Jan 12, 2014
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Mark 11:24; Matthew 6:5
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