Thanksgiving as Antidote to Apostasy


Q: What is the solution to this apostasy?
A: Knowing what God has said and cultivating a gratitude for God's gracious gifts He has given us. Instead of denying God's Word and denying His gracious gifts of creation (as if it is pious to abstain or sinful to enjoy), we must determine to know the Word of God and cultivate a sense of gratitude for God's gracious gifts.

1 Timothy 4:1-5
The Mystery of UnGodliness (whose solution is thanksgiving).
I. Surprise of Apostasy (some will depart from the faith) (v1a)
---A. The Spirit
---B. The Apostasy
II. Source of Apostasy (demonic doctrine and lying leaders) (vv1b-2)
---A. Demonic Doctrine (v1b)
---B. Lying Leaders (v2a)
---C. Seared Conscience (v2b)
III. Specifics of Apostasy (forbidding and abstaining) (v3)
---A. Asceticism
---B. Abstaining
IV. Solution against Apostasy (Gratitude for God's Gracious Gifts) (vv4-5)
---A. God created good gifts for us… (v4a)
---B. …to be received with thanksgiving… (v4b)
---C. …...by His word and prayer. (v5)

Understanding the goodness of God in His gracious gifts and truth of God's Word is a great antidote to the false teaching of asceticism, and guard against apostasy. For then we are rightly founded in who God is and in His infinite grace—which we need!—and realize there is no greater joy and no other place we would want to be.

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Duration 53:19
Date Nov 19, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Timothy 4:1-5
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