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This is what happens in heaven?


This Is What Happens In Heaven?
18 Authentic Reasons Boost Your Belief Now. Revelation 21.9-27

We come now to the fourth vision, the last division of chapter 21. It refers back to the earlier vision where John said he saw the new heaven and the new earth coming down and then in the midst of it he saw the new Jerusalem, the Holy city coming down, but he didn't describe it.

He just said he saw the city coming down adorned like a bride for bridegroom. That speaks of the relationship between Christ followers and their Savior, the Lord Jesus, a bride and a bridegroom.

In this fourth vision, we see a more detailed description of that new city and what a spectacular city it is beyond the ability to describe.

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Date Nov 21, 2019
Category Teaching
Bible Text Revelation 21:9-27
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