C16th-C17th in Britain


C16th-17th UK

Events in C16th Scotland & impacts on C17th Scotland & England

I. Biblical bearings (Revelation 17.12-18)

A. Political powers (v 12-13) oppose Christ but are overthrown.

B. Hostility to the truth (verse 14). Intense persecution.

C. Hostility to the apostate church. A period of secularism despising both true and false Christianity (verses 15-17).

II. Scotland

A. Martyrdom was prophesied under the 5th seal (6.9-11) & comes to pass during the 1260 prophetic 'days' (Revelation 11.7-8, 12.11).

B. The Reformation in Scotland under John Knox. Strengths: (1) The authority of Scripture (2 Timothy 3.16). (2) Justification by faith (Romans 3.23-26). (3) Christ's Headship in church, doctrine, government, & worship. (Colossians 1.17-18). (4) Presbyterianism (1 Peter 5.1-4). (5) Instituted worship regulated by Scripture.

C. Episcopacy restored by Mary Queen of Scots & James VI.

III. England

A. The Seventeenth Century Stuarts.

B. The prevailing of Protestantism was a bloodstained road. 'No bishop, no king', 'the Divine Right of Kings' and Civil War. Cromwell's New Model army won the day. The Protectorate lasted until 1662. Charles II and the Great Ejection. James II continued the repression but the Glorious Revolution installed William & Mary.

Conclusion: Despite all the slaughter of God's dear ones (Revelation 11.11), God's reviving his church proved invincible.

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