Selfish Leaders

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One of the big dangers that the Church faces today is bad pastors and selfish leaders. We must beware of those who want respect because of the clothes they wear, or who makes long prayers for pretense. A pastor is nothing more than another redeemed rebel whom God has given the gift of teaching. Those pastors who are intent on their own aggrandizement and fleecing widows are not God's shepherds. The Jewish scribes only saw what everyone was able to give, but Jesus wants only a faithful heart – as was demonstrated by the poor widow who gave all she had to the Lord. Jesus does not act like these scribes. He – the King of kings – humbled Himself and came to serve others and die for sinners. That's who we need to follow and worship – the One Who is our Good Shepherd.

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Duration 29:03
Date Nov 19, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 12:38-44
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