Matthew 13:44-58 - "The Kingdom's Worth"

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Today we conclude the third extended teaching section in the gospel of Matthew. Jesus teaches in parables in order to conceal truth to those who have not been given understanding, but to reveal truth to those who have. In our text today Jesus delivers four short parables in private to his disciples. From the first two we learn of the exceedingly great worth of the kingdom, the pursuit of which is indeed worth every sacrifice. This is supplemented with a view towards the final judgment, when the righteous and the wicked will be separated. And having been given this understanding, like the disciples, we too are given the responsibility and privilege to share our treasury of truth with others. Like Jesus, when we are criticized and rejected (even by those closest to us), we must remember that the worthy pursuit of the kingdom is most assuredly worth it.

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Duration 49:14
Date Nov 19, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 13:44-58
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