Lord of the Sabbath

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There was a very oppressive legal system in the days that Jesus lived on the earth. Instead of calling on the people to obey God’s law, the religious authorities forced people to obey their laws. The Pharisees were bent out of shape at the way that Jesus’ disciples were behaving on the Sabbath. The Pharisees did not understand the nature and the purpose of the law. God made the law and yet these Pharisees were rebuking Him about how to keep the law He made. God cares about us, we are worth more than the animals. Jesus is our Sabbath rest. The miracles of Jesus are always connected to a command. If we want to see miracles we need to do what God commands. We will never do things for the honor of the Kingdom by going against what God says. We need to study our Bibles so that we can obey God’s commands.

Sermon ID 11191655463
Duration 32:45
Date Nov 18, 2016
Category Teaching
Bible Text Matthew 12:1-21
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