Losing Your Life to Find It


The question that I want you to consider with me here morning is this – "How does the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit bring a person to the place where they are willing to lose their life for His sake in order to find it? The answer found in our text is that Joseph had to bring his brothers to that place where they could understand how to do this. You can see that these brothers of Joseph could never been brought to see this, or to do this, on their own; that is, that they could not be brought to the place where they would see how bad their sins of the past were, that they had committed against Joseph; they could not come to see this without his help. The same is true of any sinner who will be savingly brought to Christ. What I want to show you at this hour, is this profound truth, that Christ by His grace and by God's providential ordering of things, is able to lead the vilest of sinners to the place where they will be willing to change and repent; where they will become willing to lose their life for His sake, so that they can find it. Christ, I am saying, can teach you to lose your life, that you might find it. So let us pray now, that we might have the eyes of our understanding opened to be able to take in this precious and powerful truth as it is conveyed to us in this story of Joseph and his brothers.

Nov 17, 2019
Sunday - AM
Genesis 42:29-38; Genesis 43:1-17
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