What a Glorious Person, Purpose, and Plan

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What a Glorious Person, Purpose, and Plan

The God who hears and the Son who prays. John 11

The Son who lives to glorify and point everyone to His Father. John 11

The God who reveals His purpose in the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. John 12

The God who hides His light. John 12

The God who made a sacrifice for Himself. Isaiah 53

Who will declare His times seeing He was cut off from the earth through death? Will you? Isaiah 53; Acts 8:32-33

The Suffering Servant who could see His seed and the labor/payoff of His soul. Isaiah 53

The God who wisely blinds some to open the door to many. John 12 (they wouldn't believe because they couldn't believe that they shouldn't be healed and saved.)

The God of grace and the working out of His eternal salvation for Jews and Gentiles. Romans 11 (that we Gentiles would believe, could believe, and should be healed and saved through the grace gift of Jesus.)

The NEW commandment is to love one another. John 13

What makes the command new is that it's modified by — Jesus' words "As I have loved you…" 13:34

May we spend our time learning from, living for, and loving to love like Jesus. His love does… it always acts and acts rightly when He loves. John 13:1

Summary bullet points from the transcription of the message.

• Jesus' example and God's listening.
◦ Jesus praises God for listening and responds to a grieving woman by thanking Him for the resurrection of her dead brother.
◦ Jesus reveals He's working for the Father's will, not his own.
Jesus' glory and the Trinity.
◦ Jesus emphasizes the Father's will and purpose in his miracles, attributing them to the Holy Spirit.
◦ Jesus emphasizes the importance of reco

Nov 16, 2023
Sunday Service
Isaiah 53; John 12
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