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The Family Business

Pastor Nick Holden

Summary bullet points from the transcription of the message.

• The last week of Jesus' life and the events leading up to his crucifixion.
◦ Pastor Nick highlights unique aspects of John's Gospel, particularly Jesus' final week.
◦ Jesus teaches His disciples in the last week before his crucifixion, focusing on the Spirit's role in their lives.
• Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus.
◦ Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, restoring his physical body to its pre-death state.
◦ Jesus' act of raising Lazarus demonstrated God's power and glory, highlighting the wonder of Him giving life and restoring life.
◦ Jesus showed compassion for people, even knowing the outcome, in contrast to those who only focus on knowledge without love.
• The importance of serving with a heart of love.
◦ Mary anointed Jesus with expensive oil, Judas criticized her for what he claimed to be a waste.
◦ Jesus' love and fellowship with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus is highlighted through their interactions with him.
◦ Martha was known for her servant heart and doing, while Mary chose to sit at Jesus' feet and listen.
• Jesus' impending death and its impact on the nation.
◦ Chief priests and Pharisees fear Jesus' growing popularity and political implications.
◦ Caiaphas prophesies Jesus' death for the nation and God's children, completely unaware God spoke through him.
• Jesus' role as shepherd and gatherer of his people.
◦ Jesus knew and loved individual believers before the foundation of the world, gathering them as children of God through His life, death and resurrection.
◦ Pastor Nick emphasizes the significance of Jesus' sacrifice as a blessing for all w

Nov 13, 2023
Sunday Afternoon
John 11; John 13
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