Who is He?


Who is He?
John 8; John 5

Pastor Nick Holden

Summary bullet points of this message produced by the transcription app I use (Otter).

• Family and gatherings with as a Navy veteran.
◦ Pastor Nick encourages and thanks church members for their help and stepping in the gap and teaching the children while they were out.
◦ Pastor Nick expresses his desire to know what's happening with his family when he's not around, citing his experience in the Navy as an example.
◦ He emphasizes the importance of family members being concerned about what happened when they weren't present, as a sign of love and care.
• Family, children, and daily routines.
◦ He expresses gratitude for the opportunity to teach and share messages with the congregation and hopes it was a blessing to them.
◦ He's praying for Lauren as she adjusts to taking care of Marigold, Daisy, and Holden on Monday when Blake returns to work.
• Bible study and consistency.
◦ Retired individuals share their wake-up times, with some preferring early mornings for spiritual reflection.
◦ Nick Holden reflects on 15 years of studying the Bible with the church, covering every passage and dealing with almost every character and story.
◦ He notes that despite this extensive coverage, there's still more to learn and explore, and he's grateful for the opportunity to do so with the church.
• Life, death, and resurrection through Jesus Christ.
◦ Jesus teaches that He grants life to the dead and transforms the living from sin to life.
◦ Jesus warns that those who do not know Him before death will not live after death, and urges listeners to give their life to Him while still breathing.
◦ Jesus teaches that being a descendant

Nov 13, 2023
Sunday - AM
John 5; John 8
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