Sixteenth Century in England


C16th Reformation in England

We have seen that Revelation 11.11-12 presents a revived church arising out of what appeared terminal persecutions. The Reformation began with Luther in Germany but soon spread.

I. The historical background

Developments under the 7th trumpet (the 3rd woe) by the 7 vials.

A. A grievous sore (Revelation 16.2, See Exodus 9.8-11)

B. The spread of bloodshed. Compare the first plague in Egypt.

C. A scorching sun (verses 8-9) Kings were not benevolent.

D. The darkness. Compare (Exodus 10.21-27) yet impenitence.

II. The doctrinal bedrock

A. The sufficiency of Scripture. (Psalm 119.130).

B. God is sovereign in creation, redemption, providence, history.

C. The sacrifice of Christ is complete (Hebrews 7.26-27).

D. The sanctified life is inevitable in the regenerate (Romans 1.1-6).

III. The practical changes

A. Church Government. Erastianism not scriptural (1 Peter 5.1-4).

B. Protestant Worship. Prayer book abolished altar & vestments.

C. Sacraments. Mary Tudor swept away Protestantism. Elizabeth I, restored Calvinism, Erastianism, and liturgy but not Puritanism.

Conclusion 'The kingdoms of this world' will 'become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever'.

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