Jonah (4) — God's Messengers Running Away — with God's Message

Jonah (4) — God's Messengers Running Away — with God's Message

When the messenger of God, runs from the mission of God, with the message of God.

What does Jesus teach all His disciples about seeking Him?

How high of a priority should seeking Him be?

What Older Testament proverb says the same thing as Matthew 6:33?

What are the promises found in Proverbs 3:5-6?

What kind of commitment does it take to see the commitment of God, in Proverbs 3:5-6, manifested in our daily lives?

What is faith?

Where is true life found?

What kind of quality of life is found when trust the Lord and His news?

When does God meet with us?

What happens when Jonah remembers God and repents?

God spoke to him a second time and what was His message?

God's assignments include what?

What did the Lord tell Peter in Acts 5:20?

God's assignments include what?

What was IN the news that God have Jonah for the people?

What was the news Jonah was given to report?

What was the 40 days all about?

Does God still give men a space of repentance?

What precedes TURNING to God?

Who should determine what is right and wrong?

What evidence did Paul reveal to the Thessalonians how he knew God was at work in their lives?

Who should have testified to the people that they knew God would relent?

Can you testify God will turn from His anger toward us?

Who is your testimony and substitute that God will relent and grant us grace?

Can you tell?

Jonah devotion part 4.

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Jun 25, 2024
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