An Eternity Mindset

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An eternity mindset helps us to see singleness and marriage as gifts, and not as distractions from serving God.

  1. In our present distress (v.26), in our brief time in this world (v.29), and in a world that is passing away (v.31), our eternity mindset changes how we see:
    a) relationships (v.29)
    b) losses (v.30)
    c) happiness (v.30)
    d) possessions (v.30)
    d) culture (v.31)
  2. If you get married, could you maintain the Lord and His work as a higher priority than your marriage/family? (v.32-35)
    Priorities Devoted to God Divided Interests
    God God
    God's Church/Kingdom Family
    Family God's Church/Kingdom
    Job/Work/School Job/Work/School
    Other Other
  3. Marry or not? Make the best decision that you can in the Lord, and then continue being devoted to the Lord and His work.(v.36-40)
    Applying: How does eternity inform your decision whether to marry?
    What is our top priority? Matthew 6:33 and 22:30
    What is the proper place of family for a Christian? Luke 14:26
    What is more important than marrying/not? 2 Corinthians 11:3
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Duration 41:49
Date Jan 10, 2021
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 1 Corinthians 7:25-40
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