Fakes, Frauds, and Pharisees


This important message is about those against whom the Lord Jesus directed the most stinging and damning message of His ministry: self righteous, hypocritical Pharisees who seek the praise and adoration of other men, who seek positions of control and power where they can place others in bondage and fear of condemnation, who judge others far more harshly than they judge themselves, who strain the gnats of external “standards” and dress codes and their list of do’s and dont's while they conceal the huge camels they have swallowed, covering up and excusing the heinous sins and inner evil in their own lives.

A good friend of our church, Dr. Don Boys, well-stated in his book, “Is God a Right Winger”: "I have some friends, great preachers, who preach against television, slacks, coffee, etc., and they drip with self-righteousness because of their 'strong stand' for 'old time Bible convictions.' But it is not old time Bible convictions. It is old time legalism, and it is killing many churches and splitting hundreds of others. It is also driving young people out of our churches into the arms of the cults or into a life-time of carnality and outspoken disgust and dismay toward preachers and anything spiritual."

The Lord Jesus hates the leaven of the Pharisees because it has a destructive and devastating effect on young Christians. And He gave this warning to such Pharisees in Luke 12:2: “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” Sooner or later, Mr. Pharisee, your sin will find you out.

Sermon ID 111141840537
Duration 35:18
Date Dec 29, 2013
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Luke 12:1-2; Matthew 23:1-23
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