Joseph's Tender Mercies & Christ's


I want to speak to you at this hour about how sinners come to Christ. How does Christ really deliver you when you come to Him? For the events of Joseph's brethren going down to Egypt to purchase grain, and the way that they were treated by him, give us a good illustration of how Christ receives, and how He treats sinners who come to Him for salvation. Joseph's brothers did not recognize him, but he recognized them and he treated them in a way of mercy. But while he was showing them mercy, he did not overlook their sins. Before he gave them what they needed to live, he would have them to come to a conviction of their sins. So the question that I would like you to consider with me, is this – How did Joseph, who intended to show his brothers mercy, bring them to the place where they understood that they were sinners needing mercy, as well as men who needed food? And how is it then, that Christ does the same, spiritually, for every needy sinner who comes to Him? Well, I believe that Joseph showed his brothers tender mercies, and yet he brought them to conviction of their sin by the following means.

Nov 10, 2019
Sunday - AM
Genesis 41:53
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