LD 50 - Pray for Your Physical Needs

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For many people around the world and throughout history the meaning of the fourth petition of the Lord's Prayer is obvious. At this moment nearly 50 million people worldwide face emergency levels of hunger. "Give us this day our daily bread" means just what it says. Malnourished and starving people have no illusions about their ability to provide for themselves.

What do Jesus' words mean for people who have never prayed for food with anything like a sense of panic? Many of us live as though we are able to meet our own needs. But Jesus is saying the same thing to us as to them. For all our material wealth we are all just a few steps away from dust and ashes. No matter our situation the fourth request of the Lord's prayer calls us to stop trusting in human strength and ingenuity and look to God for everything we need.

Sermon ID 1110221730343429
Duration 38:49
Date Nov 13, 2022
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Matthew 6:25-34
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