Jonah (3) — God's Messengers Running Away — with God's Message

Jonah (3) — God's Messengers Running Away — with God's Message

When the messenger of God, runs from the mission of God, with the message of God.

Who all obeyed the voice of God?

Who was not obeying God?

How about Jonah?

What was God revealing?

When we're wayward, does God care?

Did God know Jonah was wayward?

What's the aim of our society?

Was Jonah's happiness aided or interrupted by God?

Is God concerned about our happiness or joys?

God will not leave us to ourselves when we belong to Him.

God will cause us to remember.

Troubles and afflictions and hardships and hurtful things are the means that God uses to turn our hearts eyes and lives back to Him.

Who else did God do this with? (Psalm 119).

What does God desire? For us to be happy or holy?

What does God desire that we find value in?

What two things we cannot live and survive without in this physical life?

What provisions will God gives us as needed to grow and mature us in His kingdom?

What helps us run to God and not from God?

Is your view of God interpreted by a social view of God or scripturally?

What did Jonah need?

Who knows how to lead, feed and meet the needs of His people?

How did God show His love to and through Jonah?

What is God faithful to do for us today?

What has he freed us for?

Jonah Devotion Part 3

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Jun 24, 2024
Jonah 2
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