The Memorable Order Of Tin Hats


Almost 10 years after World War I ended, a group of Allied servicemen in Durban, South Africa, founded a new organisation to rekindle the camadarie and comradeship they had enjoyed with their fellow soldiers during that bitter conflict.

They called themselves, 'The Memorable Order Of Tin Hats.'

It was not long before little clusters of these war veterans (they called their local groups 'Shellholes' and 'Dugouts') spread over to the United Kingdom.

These men united around three basic ideals:

  1. True Comradeship

  2. Mutual Help

  3. Sound Memory.

What have those ideals got to do with true practical Christian living, especially at a congregational level?

In my view, ... EVERYTHING!!

Sermon ID 1110081938360
Duration 33:03
Date Nov 9, 2008
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Galatians 6:1; Galatians 6:2; John 15:13
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