258 Response To Repentance (Luke 15:25-32) 1 of 2

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CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE: The propaganda machine fake news media and deep state government spent the entire day of January 6, 2022 "commemorating" what they falsely labelled an "insurrection" and "terrorist attack on the Capital". We lay out the basic truth about that day, exposing the devils in control of mainstream news media and the devil-possessed, globalists in power at the federal level of U.S. government.

In our study, we look at the response of the Prodigal's brother and what it should have been as Jesus uses this parable to confront Pharisees and consider the Pharisees in churches, today.


Sermon ID 110222137282820
Duration 26:00
Date Jan 9, 2022
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text Luke 15:25-32
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